Are You Flossing Correctly?: 4 Proper Flossing Tips for Happy Gums

flossing tips“So, have you been flossing?”

The dreaded question that you have to answer every time you go to the dentist. You give a sheepish smile and answer, “I floss when I remember to.”

You’re not alone here. One-third of Americans never floss, and the majority report that they floss less than daily.

But, as you also probably know, flossing is key to removing food particles that can easily lead to cavities, gum disease, and more.

If you’re ready to get in your dentist’s good graces and be able to proudly answer, “Yes, every day!” to the dreaded flossing question, keep reading. We’re going to go over 4 of our flossing tips to get you started.

1. Go for Waxed Floss

You’ve probably noticed that floss comes in both “waxed” and “unwaxed”. While both waxed and unwaxed floss can do the job well, waxed floss is a bit easier to slide in between your teeth. This is especially helpful if your teeth are tightly packed together.

Waxed floss is also not as prone to shredding or breaking apart, which is always helpful.

2. Use the C-Shape

You could floss five times per day, but it wouldn’t be helpful if we’re using a bad flossing technique. If you’re simply pushing the floss up and down your teeth, that’s not good enough.

What you want to do is create a “C” shape that follows the curve of your tooth.

This will get the debris, food, and plaque that’s built up on the inner parts of your tooth. Repeat the up and down motion with the C-shape on both teeth.

3. Daily Flossing Is Good, Multiple Times Daily Is Great

Most dentists recommend flossing daily. Many choose to do this at the end of the day, after they’ve brushed their teeth for the night.

However, if you want to go above and beyond, try flossing after every time you eat. This will immediately get rid of any food or particles that get stuck instead of leaving them to decay or cause damage throughout the day.

4. Clean the Floss as You Go

Think about it: if you don’t do this, you’re simply moving debris, food, and plaque from between one set of teeth and putting in in between another set of teeth.

As you move between teeth, clean off your floss with water. Or use a new, clean section of the floss.

In order to have enough clean floss for each pair of teeth, make sure your string is about 18 inches in length at the start.

Flossing Tips to Floss Right: Wrapping Up

Once you get into the routine of flossing, it gets easier to remember to do, and your teeth will thank you! These flossing tips will make sure you’re not flossing in vain.

Speaking of making your dentist happy, make sure you keep up with biannual appointments for check-ups! How else can you show off your perfectly flossed chompers?

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