Best Foods to Eat (And Not Eat) after a Root Canal

what to eat and not eat after a root canalDental procedures are hardly ever enjoyable, for the most part, having a dental procedure done can lead to stress, and worry before and after the procedure. For those that go to a reliable and experienced office, however, your dental procedure should be done in a timely manner, be efficient, and your dentist and a dental team will help you learn the best ways to recover. Root canals are some of the most common dental procedures and knowing what foods you can and cannot eat after the procedure can help facilitate an easy recovery process.

What Can You Eat After a Root Canal?

Knowing what to eat after a root canal or similar dental procedure can help make your recovery process far easier than it would be if you just ate whatever you felt like eating. Root canals are complicated dental procedures that require time and patience to heal and knowing what foods you can and should eat can speed up the recovery process. Soft foods are always great when thinking about what foods to have.

Foods like yogurt, ice cream, and milkshakes are helpful in a few different ways. For starters, they are cold which can help ease discomfort in the mouth. They are also soft and do not require you to chew which can help with the overall feel of your mouth after a root canal. Soft fruits may also be good to eat. Try for things like applesauce, bananas, and peaches. These fruits are filling and soft and will be easy to eat after the procedure. Try to avoid hard fruits like apples until your teeth have fully healed.

Pasta is another great option when recovering from a root canal. Pasta is again, soft and requires little chewing, which is great for someone that has undergone any oral procedure. A great general rule to go by when choosing your food is to think about how much chewing it is going to take to eat the food. The less chewing, the better.

Foods to Avoid After a Root Canal

You want to first and foremost avoid foods that are hard and difficult to chew. Things like chips, hard fruits, tough meat that requires a great deal of chewing, and candy that can be sticky are all things to avoid. You also may want to avoid foods that are spicy as a root canal does tend to be very tender after it is completed. Spicy foods may irritate your teeth and may make recovery difficult.

It is important for your dental health to take the time to eat the foods that are going to be good for your teeth after a root canal. It is not uncommon for infection flare up after root canal so eating only foods that will encourage your recovery is a must. You can speak with your dentist about what foods they suggest to get a better idea of the things you should avoid and things you can eat while recovering.

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