Invisalign vs Braces: Features of Each

invisalign vs bracesIf you have dental alignment issues, you’ll need to choose between Invisalign or braces. Even though this is a tough decision to make, you’re fortunate to have the option between these two effective treatments. Your dentist in Elizabeth, NJ can make a recommendation, but it helps for you to know ahead of time what the pros and cons are to each kind of treatment option.

Invisalign and Braces: Features

  1. Invisalign is barely noticeable. If you’re very concerned about looking professional, or self-conscious about other people seeing you with an oral prosthetic, Invisalign might be a wise choice.
  2. Braces are usually a lot more obvious to others. However, there are now braces with see-through brackets that make them less noticeable to observers. From a distance, it would be hard to tell you’re wearing braces. Up close, though, friends would be able to see the braces and the wires.
  3. Invisalign is designed to be removed and inserted by the wearer as needed. This gives you a great amount of freedom to go without the appliance during special occasions. You will have to wear the appliance for a certain length of time each day for it to be effective. This time will be determined by your dentist.
  4. Braces require professional installation and removal. You can’t remove braces for any special occasion. The appointments can be long since they are considered a semi-permanent solution lasting two years on average.
  5. Invisalign appliances are non-invasive and relatively pain-free. The only minor discomfort you might feel is when you transition to a smaller size.
  6. Braces take a long time to install at the Dentist Office. The procedure can feel awkward and slightly uncomfortable. Subsequent appointments for tightening are less uncomfortable, but there can be a slight constraining sensation on the teeth.
  7. Braces are usually recommended for more complicated or severe teeth issues. You may only be allowed to choose Invisalign if the severity of your teeth issues is less complex.
  8. You’re more likely to suffer from cavities or other oral health issues if you get braces. It’s very hard to brush and floss correctly while wearing braces. As such, the daily ritual of cleaning the teeth will take longer when you’re wearing braces.
  9. With Invisalign, you can remove the appliance to thoroughly clean your teeth as needed, as many times a day as you want.
  10. You may need to transition to a smaller Invisalign appliance about once every two weeks. Braces typically need to be tightened about once a month. This will impact how many times you need to visit the dentist during your treatment, depending on whether you choose braces or Invisalign.
  11. It’s likely you’ll be able to have your dental insurance subsidize the cost of either Invisalign or braces. Talk to your dentist at Banker Dental for financing options if you don’t have dental insurance.

This list of features of Invisalign and braces will help you to make the best decision. Finally, be sure to keep in mind your age, lifestyle and your willingness and ability to follow your dentist’s instructions. Contact Banker Dental today to make your appointment and learn more about your options.

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