How to Win the Fight Against Dental Anxiety

dental anxietyIf you suffer from dental anxiety, you’re not alone. Between 9 and 20 percent of American adults experience some fear over going to the dentist. Dental anxiety only makes things worse, however. The longer you go without a dental appointment, the more anxiety can build.

Why do Some People Have Anxiety Over Going to the Dentist?

The source of dental anxiety varies from person to person. Commonly cited reasons include:

  • Embarrassment over poor dental hygiene practices
  • Fear of bad news regarding necessary treatment (root canal, etc.)
  • General distrust of the medical profession
  • Fear of pain
  • Uneasy about loss of control during treatment
  • Fear of associated sounds (drills, etc.)

How to Fight Against Dental Anxiety

First, realize that your teeth and gums need professional care to stay healthy your entire life. Poor dental hygiene can lead to a host of secondary health issues that are completely preventable with regular dentist visits. Next, try the following suggestions on winning the fight against dental anxiety.

Find the Right Dentist

A good dentist, such as Banker Dental in New Jersey, will be sensitive to your anxieties. With a good dentist, you will never feel that the dentist or the assistants and hygienists are judging you. If your current dentist doesn’t always make you feel respected and welcome, then finding the right dentist will go a long way toward alleviating your dental anxiety.

Ask About Sedation Options

Sedation dentistry is often made available to patients with increased levels of anxiety about dental treatments. This option will just take the edge off so you can feel more relaxed while the dentist and assistants are tending to your needs. Ask your dentist at Banker Dental about sedation dentistry options.

Ask About Preventative OTC Pain Medication

Depending on the treatment you’re having at your dentist appointment, you may be able to take an over the counter pain medication to help numb any potential pain or discomfort during your visit. Never take any medication—even OTC—before your visit without prior okay. Speak to the dentist office staff before your visit to confirm whether or not this is suitable for your situation.

Practice Meditative Breathing

During your visit, meditative breathing can help to calm your nerves. This method of breathing involves being consciously aware of your breath and breathing in and out on a count. Try to practice this at home before your visit, so you’re a master at it by the time of your dentist appointment.

Converse With the Staff

The more you converse with the staff at the dentist office in New Jersey, the more you’ll see that they’re human, just like you. Having friendly chit-chat before and during your appointment, when possible, is a great way to feel more comfortable and accepted; not judged or looked down upon.

Have More Visits

One reason that people have dental anxiety is that they don’t visit often enough. This becomes a vicious cycle because the less you visit, the more you’ll fear the unknown. Schedule more visits with your dentist until the dentist office feels so familiar that you have no fears left. Use extra appointments to get services like teeth whitening, sealants, and fluoride treatments.

Banker Dental is ready to make you feel at home. The first step is as simple as a phone call away. Call or email today to make your appointment!

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